Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sultry Sunshine and obscure guidelines make it hard to dig my heals into the path
My brown leather flats keep slipping off my feet
but i keep keep moving on. Five steps for every heartbeat
Heart beating slow
Tick Tick. and its time to take these shoes off
just breath and go barefoot and hope the ground's lofty enough to support me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Fringe and Leaves and Trees

Lets Float away to another time. Sail away on a sturdy raft made of auburn leaves and tree bark.
Lets spend hours just floating.
Humming foreign folk songs and telling fairy tales.
We will end up far away from here. The winter flakes won’t find our eyelashes. The bitter frost wont touch our lips and make them dry and cracked and separate.
Lets stay in autumn forever.
in a globe of constant falling leaves.
in a world whirling with what might become of us
in a time old and on the sea.

Fringe is my new muse. I am in love love with it. Lets fringe everything, lay it down and just shred it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I wish i was a ballerina

The Ballerina wants to tease ya' haha. Shopping i had to get my mitts on this cuter than tokidoki, tight , soft, jersey, ballet inspired dress. One of those great winners finds when i was out on Vancouver Island this summer.

the raddest earing i got a woman from market collective to custom make for me out of a necklace

Tree books from The People HAve Spoken
 Ive had these boots for five years at least. They were the first leather footwear i ever owned. Blew out both the toes going to all night dance parties. But i still waer them from time to time when i really think its worth it. Took them to a cobbler once and he said No! absolutly not.
Me.. twirrly and smiling!! 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did you Know a group of Unicorns is called a Blessing

Although you would never see a group or even one Unicorn for that matter. Since the incident with Noah they don't trust anyone but my family and i. My great great great ansesters you see..knew the end of the world was coming and made a pact with the Unicorns to help them start the new world. So they built a mini ark. They didnt believe in insest and always wondered how Noah was planning to repopulate the earths species with one female and one male. cause the babys would have to get it on with eachother or there parents sooner or later and the idea of that really grossed them out so they let all the unicorns on the ark as well as most of there friends, friends friends and a few friends of those as well as some musicians and bartenders so they would be sure to continue enjoying fancy partys and dancing. once  landed on the new world the Unicorns went to work with the family. My family. They ended up taking over the clothing division entirely and now work in a  plant far accros the ocean and live on an island kept secret from the rest of the world, and they send me packages delivered by exotic birds that contain outfits that would intrigue many and interest some.  

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birds Bees and Sewing MAchines

Fairy Farm Land
real life

Moved back to Olds to pursue my fantasies of designing fashionable garments for the whimsical at heart. Rocking a wardrobe whose pieces come from many far away lands and times and owners i will never meet. It feels good when people ask me where i got my necklace or leggings or shoes and i can say a consignment store on a sketchy street in Prauge or found it abandoned on a hostel furnace in Amsterdam. All the same im ready to take this Farmtown by storm. Cow palace and all! Watch Out Cowboys! Im here to stay.. from monday to friday.. for 8 months at least.

The scarf is from Dresden, Germany antique flea market in Paris
Dress...Consignment store on a sketchy block in Prague
Leggings.. from a 2euro shoppe in Florence, Italy
Shoes... also from Florence..the best leather market on the planet is in Florence