Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did you Know a group of Unicorns is called a Blessing

Although you would never see a group or even one Unicorn for that matter. Since the incident with Noah they don't trust anyone but my family and i. My great great great ansesters you see..knew the end of the world was coming and made a pact with the Unicorns to help them start the new world. So they built a mini ark. They didnt believe in insest and always wondered how Noah was planning to repopulate the earths species with one female and one male. cause the babys would have to get it on with eachother or there parents sooner or later and the idea of that really grossed them out so they let all the unicorns on the ark as well as most of there friends, friends friends and a few friends of those as well as some musicians and bartenders so they would be sure to continue enjoying fancy partys and dancing. once  landed on the new world the Unicorns went to work with the family. My family. They ended up taking over the clothing division entirely and now work in a  plant far accros the ocean and live on an island kept secret from the rest of the world, and they send me packages delivered by exotic birds that contain outfits that would intrigue many and interest some.  

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