Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I wish i was a ballerina

The Ballerina wants to tease ya' haha. Shopping i had to get my mitts on this cuter than tokidoki, tight , soft, jersey, ballet inspired dress. One of those great winners finds when i was out on Vancouver Island this summer.

the raddest earing i got a woman from market collective to custom make for me out of a necklace

Tree books from The People HAve Spoken
 Ive had these boots for five years at least. They were the first leather footwear i ever owned. Blew out both the toes going to all night dance parties. But i still waer them from time to time when i really think its worth it. Took them to a cobbler once and he said No! absolutly not.
Me.. twirrly and smiling!! 

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