Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birds Bees and Sewing MAchines

Fairy Farm Land
real life

Moved back to Olds to pursue my fantasies of designing fashionable garments for the whimsical at heart. Rocking a wardrobe whose pieces come from many far away lands and times and owners i will never meet. It feels good when people ask me where i got my necklace or leggings or shoes and i can say a consignment store on a sketchy street in Prauge or found it abandoned on a hostel furnace in Amsterdam. All the same im ready to take this Farmtown by storm. Cow palace and all! Watch Out Cowboys! Im here to stay.. from monday to friday.. for 8 months at least.

The scarf is from Dresden, Germany antique flea market in Paris
Dress...Consignment store on a sketchy block in Prague
Leggings.. from a 2euro shoppe in Florence, Italy
Shoes... also from Florence..the best leather market on the planet is in Florence

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